Placing an internal order

In order to place an internal order for an UdL department or unit, you can use the usual purchase procedure. Once the products are selected, you can access the basket and click Buy. The procedure offers the option of creating a user account or just making a fast purchase without signing up. When choosing the delivery option, select Collection at the store/Internal mail and later on, when you are asked to, choose UdL Internal Payment. To process the order, you will be asked to specify the name of the person responsible for the order, the organic structure and the project to which the expense must be charged.

Once the information is received, we will issue the corresponding invoice through the usual means and will send the order via internal mail.

Remember that internal UdL users such as PDI, PAS or others benefit from a 5% discount over the final price. This discount will be effective when the invoice is issued.

For any question, get in touch with us via telephone or e-mail: 973 70 33 75 /