About us

Edicions i Publicacions de la Universitat de Lleida

Editions and Publications of the University of Lleida is a publishing house working under the institutional wing of the Publications Committee and its rules of procedure, which were approved on the 24th of November of 2006 by the Governing Council (Agreement number 215/2006).

Our main aim is to promote the technical production and distribution of printed or electronic editions devoted to sciences and teaching, but also editions of university extension or connected to the university’s institutional image.

This is accomplished through the publication of printed or electronic teaching and research support materials organized in book collections and magazines. With their own editorial boards and external advisory boards, these magazines and book collections are fostered from the departments, faculties and research units of the university. To ensure the products originality and scientific rigour, the edited contents undergo peer review assessment. Our publishing house also works with materials that appeal to a wider audience and connect our university with society. At the same time, it offers technical editing and publishing services to the University’s community (layout, management of ISBN identifiers, production of doctoral theses…).

Our university’s publishing house, Editions and Publications of the University of Lleida, is part of several sector-based networks such as UNE (Union of Spanish University Publishing Houses) or Xarxa Vives, and works with fully established e-book and printed book commercial distribution channels.

Finally, our organization operates the bookstore and shop of the university (Botiga-Llibreria de la UdL). This point of sale is located in the Cappont campus and is open to the general public. It offers our publications and the Údels, several merchandising products under the label of the University of Lleida.

Publishing Regulations of the University of Lleida (2006)